1. Submission of score card

2. Checking of handicap details

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Notification for online submission of golf score cards
Please take note that submission of scorecards and viewing handicap details will no longer be done through this website. Please visit

Registration for SGA’s Centralised Handicapping System is still open.

Official handicap index is computed on the 1st of every month. Scorecards entered after the 1st day of the month would only be computed in subsequent month. Therefore, your official handicap index would remain constant for the month, except for handicap revision. Once a player gets his/her handicap revised after the 1st of the month and before the closing date of the tournament, he or she will have to play off with the revised handicap. Likewise for handicap freeze but release before closing date of the tournament he or she will play off with the computed handicap.

How to calculate handicap index

NSRCC Course Men's Blue Men's White Lady's White Lady's Red
  Course Rating Slope Rating Course Rating Slope Rating Course Rating Slope Rating Course Rating Slope Rating
For 18 holes 72.6 139 70.2 131 76.2 143 71.1 130
For Front 9 holes 36.5 145 35.2 135 38.4 151 35.1 135
For Back 9 holes 36.1 133 35 127 37.8 135 36 125

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